Another Beast the Feast Champion is Crowned!

Wow - thought our 19 minute time was unbeatable - however we are offered up surprises every day. Introducing Barry Bronk...and on 7-24-11 he smashed Jimmy's record of 19 minutes eating our Feast Challenge in 16 minutes! Congratulations to our new champ! We may have to start counting the seconds too!

Our new Food vs Man Reigning Champ!

Meet our record breaking Food challenger at our Glenwood Springs location.....6 lbs of delicious homemade bbq - all in under 20 minutes! 19 minutes is the official time...Woa! And he saved room for the dessert.....Jimmy Marres ...You are a beast....You devoured our feast!

Feast The Beast Challenger

Another challenger? No....He's a legend in the making...Introducing A-bomb. He takes eating challenges seriously...Even has an official blog. (Check out his link below)

He came, He ate (alot) - However came up short! Officially he ate 4.75 Pounds in 30 minutes and did not make our official wall of fame....In fact he inspired us to have a wall of shame! Thank you A-bomb- we hope you return and give the challenge another try!

A-Bombs Official Blog

Video On You Tube

 Video On You Tube

Video On You Tube

Can You Beast The Feast?

From Family Fun Night
> Introducing Our Beast the Feast Champion Mathew Stewart!

We have the ultimate food challenge at Rib City Grill. Just like you see on TV with "Man vs Food" - see if you can take down our Feast! 6 Lbs of Ribs, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Cole Slaw, Beans, Potatoes and Texas Toast....Beast our Feast in thirty minutes or less and get an official Rib City Eating department t-shirt, your choice of dessert and your name and picture on our wall of fame. Beat the record time and the meal is on the house! If you are up for the challenge - prepare yourself cause this is no walk in the park. In fact many have tried - however only two have succeeded so far. And the record is 23 minutes set by Mathew Stewart! Want to try our challenge? Come see us in Grand Junction, Fruita, Rifle and Glenwood Springs...and bring your friends!